Browsing through old entries reminded me of past projects, items that were created and given away, experiences that became fuzzy over time.  Having a rolling log of these events is conducive to creating more (because you know you have the focus and skill to do so), being more open to adventure (because the results, good or bad, will likely be an entertaining read), and becoming a vigilant recorder (because your readers are counting on you).

It looks like some bookmaking is in my near future, so I decided to compile in one spot photographs of all the books I've made (I don't think I'm missing any...).  I became interested in book arts several years ago when I somehow learned about the craft of non-adhesive bindings.  I've always loved books - particularly the tactile value of them - so I was thrilled to discover they were something I could build myself.  Here's the very first book that resulted, its cover adorned with a hand carved leaf stamp.

As I uncovered more tutorials, instructional books, and supply sources, I learned that a wealth of different book structures were possible.  I graduated to books that utilize pages which are sewn together and are either sewn to their covers or joined with glue.  I started collecting gorgeous tools and materials that now make me happy to just to look at!  Bone folders, awls, needles and thread, wax, book board, text paper, cover paper, PVA, adhesive brushes.  Ahhhhh.

Here are all the photos I could locate of subsequent books, in no particular order.  Which is your favorite?  Is bookbinding a skill that you'd like to learn?

Mexican embroidery inspired wedding guestbook
Nepal journal
Christmas ornament book
Spectrum art journal
Japanese stab binding
Italy Coptic journal
Birthday notebook
Hunter's Words of Wisdom journal
Genealogy Coptic journal
Advice for the Newlyweds Coptic book
Gavin's Words of Wisdom journal
Botanica longstitch journal
Frequent concept book
Metal Heart concept book
Rochester wedding guestbook
Celebrate birthday guestbook


  1. What a beautiful idea! Thanks for sharing on Oopsey Daisy!